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The Atlanta Coyote Project would like to enlist the help of citizen scientists in obtaining photos and videos of coyotes across the metro Atlanta area using remote trail cameras. Camera trapping has become a valuable tool for learning more about elusive animals and we have already received a number of exciting coyote images from interested participants. Remote cameras are widely available for purchase online and at “big box” stores. Choosing among the vast array of available cameras can be difficult, but this website ( is a great place to start. Recommendations from some of our current citizen scientist partners include Bushnell Trophy Cams, the Moultrie 990i, and Primos Proof Cams. Many people already own a trail camera or you might receive one as a holiday gift. If so, please consider putting it to good use by helping the Atlanta Coyote Project learn more about coyotes in your area.

When camera trapping, it is important to keep track of the duration of time that the camera is deployed. This can help to provide a more accurate estimation of coyote abundance and density. Try to make note of the date that you set the camera up and when you take it down. If you do get coyote images, you can mark the location of your camera on our “Report a Sighting” map ( and send the images to us at Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like further information.

Our friend Stanford Kirshtein is a great example of the power of citizen science. Watch his fascinating video of melanistic coyotes, which he obtained on Sullivan’s Island, SC using a Bushnell trail camera.