Thanks to all who have been notifying us about seeing coyotes in Piedmont Park and along the Freedom Park Trail over the past several weeks. We have not received any reports of these coyotes acting aggressively, but they are wild animals and should be treated with respect and caution. Whenever possible, avoidance is the best strategy. DO NOT FEED COYOTES OR ALLOW YOUR LEASHLESS DOG TO INTERACT WITH THEM. Coyotes are very good at exploiting all kinds of food, including leftover picnic scraps, as this video provided by Diana Plattner so accurately shows. (The accompanying photo was provided by Erich Hellstrom.) Make sure that all trash is properly disposed of.

The coyotes that are being spotted in these intown Atlanta areas are likely young individuals who were born back in the spring and are now setting off in search of their own territories and mates. People and coyotes can successfully coexist in urban environments, but it takes community cooperation. If you would like to learn more about coyotes and support our research efforts, please visit our website and/or donate to our crowdfunding effort at