• What do coyotes eat?
  • Does the coyote diet change seasonally?
  • Do coyotes living in different areas eat different foods?
  • Are cats and small dogs common prey items for coyotes?

These are questions that the Atlanta Coyote Project is attempting to answer.

The collection and analysis of scat can provide insight into the coyote’s menu.

Emory University student Claire Richardson has been helping us to monitor Emory’s Lullwater Park for the presence of coyotes, where she recently filmed a coyote voluntarily providing a scat sample. 

The presence of diagnostic items like seeds, claws, teeth, and bones in the scat can help us to determine what the coyote has eaten. We can even distinguish among different species of prey by microscopically analyzing the hair that is found in the scat. Think of it as Coyote CSI!