Persimmon trees are producing an abundance of fruit at this time of year in Georgia, and coyotes are taking full advantage it. If you’ve ever eaten a wild persimmon, you know that they taste good, but eating an unripe fruit will turn your mouth inside out due to their bitter astringency. This bitterness is retained in the seeds even in the ripe fruit, which likely explains why seeds aren’t digested and end up intact in coyote scat.

This video starts with a coyote looking longingly up at persimmon fruit that is out of reach. A few hours later, however, the fruit has fallen to the ground and the coyote returns to claim it. It then makes a return visit the next day. At another site, six coyotes are seen feeding on persimmons. A male-female pair is seen at a third site (the female has an injured or deformed back right leg), and watch as the female at one point tastes and then rejects an unripe fruit. Finally, as we’ve shown in previous videos, persimmons are favored foods for a variety of other species, like this opossum and gray fox.