Urban Biodiversity

A common misconception is that coyotes are ravenous predators who will eat and eliminate all other forms of wildlife, but this is simply not the case. On the contrary, predators can promote biodiversity by keeping other species in check.

Healthy ecosystems contain apex predators, which the coyote has now become in the southeastern US.

We documented 12 different mammals, 2 reptiles, and 22 birds using remote cameras within an active coyote territory in Atlanta, GA over a 2-year period.

Our 2019 study “Species Richness Within an Urban Coyote Territory in Atlanta, GA, USA” was published in the journal Urban Naturalist.  

Click on the photo where you can download a pdf of the article. 

You can also see video from the study below:

Species Richness Within an Urban Coyote (Canis latrans) Territory in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Urban Naturalist Video

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