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CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor

Domesticated dogs and cats are not common prey items for coyotes. Coyotes are essentially omnivores who will eat just about anything, so there is usually an easier meal available than Fluffy or Fido. Nevertheless, pets can be at risk of predation by coyotes in certain instances (e.g., wandering too close to an active den site) […]

Urban coyotes: separating myth from fact

  “Coyotes – From the Wilderness to Main Street” is the title of a Sept. 12 lecture and discussion led by Dr. Chris Mowry, Associate Professor of Biology at Berry College. The talk will be at the Chattahoochee River Environmental Center of Barnwell Road in Johns Creek.  Read more…. http://northfulton.com/stories/Urban-coyotes-separating-myth-from-fact,79201

Where Does the Wild End and the City Begin?

Where does the wild end and the city begin? A great article that was recently published in Conservation Magazine by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. http://conservationmagazine.org/2013/12/close-quarters/ It sounds like an urban myth, but it isn’t. One day a lost coyote wandered into downtown Seattle. It was promptly discovered by a group of crows, who hate coyotes for […]