We are currently conducting a large-scale biodiversity survey across metro Atlanta using approximately 40 remote cameras. This project is part of the Urban Wildlife Information Network, which is based out of Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo and consists of biologist from across North America who are studying urban wildlife. UWIN partners are attempting to learn more about the biodiversity in their own cities while also making geographic comparisons with cities in other locations.

Why study urban wildlife, including coyotes?  Wildlife can be surprisingly abundant and diverse even in the densest of cities, including Atlanta. In order to preserve biodiversity, maintain ecosystem function, reduce property damage, foster safe neighborhoods, and encourage positive associations with wildlife, the study of urban animal communities seeks to understand stressors on wildlife populations, species interactions, and sources of human-wildlife conflict.

Our sampling transect is 4km wide X 50km long and it extends from Grant Park to North Fulton County (see map of camera sites). We began collecting data in January 2019 and have analyzed tens of thousands of images so far.  Stay tuned for updates as we learn more about the animals that call Atlanta home.

You can read and hear more about this project, while also seeing some wildlife photos we’ve obtained thus far, in a July 2019 interview that aired on WABE 90.1.