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What is CO2 Extraction?
The Supercritical CO2 removal process creates phase changes in co2 utilizing temperature and difficulty. CO2 is known as a “tunable solvent” making it extremely versatile for creating a ton of end products by curbing temperature and pressure. These phase changes produce an environment to decrease out differing weights of components inside the plant material.

The unique design in the Hi-Flo™ Series systems enable separation and collection of these constituents during a solitary extraction. This enables collection of light essential oils separately from other desirable constituents and also heavier lipids. Supercritical CARBON DIOXIDE IS HOT fluid extraction (SCFE) strategy delivers a clean, unaltered, consistent-yet-flexible merchandise.

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CO2 Extraction is excellent business. It allows you to create a pure, sparkling, quality oil that is safe to offer with little-to-no post-processing. Processes that use noxious solvents may require many hours to purge the solvent trapped inside oil. Multiple industries have proven which the highest efficiencies in financial processing utilize CO2.

CO2 will give you the ability to “tune” the actual extraction process, especially having a system that will individual constituents during an extraction. You can target unique compounds, like terpenes (terpenoids) in addition to THC/CBD (cannabinoids) through distinct operational parameters. CO2 is usually a sanitizing agent, prolonging space life, and, with the right system and environment, promise food and medical score oils.

CO2 extraction may be a safe, clean, and highly-versatile method of extracting plant botanicals, nutraceuticals, hops, and hemp.
Supercritical CO2 Extraction
One of the most amazing things about extracting with CO2 may be the ability to separate individual compounds as the extraction is taking position.

This requires a system that should allow for stable temperature and pressure changes during a single run. Because of the stability and flexibility with Eden’s Hi-Flo system, a crude fractionation is usually accomplished with the Hi-Flo regular systems. For purer spliting up, the Hi-Flo FX2 with fractionation will be perfect tool. Fractionation is accomplished in such a system by having a few extract separators in line. As the extract stuffed CO2 exits the extractor vessel it cascades through these kinds of separators. The first separator is defined at the highest pressure within the series. The 2nd along with 3rd separators ramp downwards with pressure. Different molecular excess fat compounds drop out on different temperatures and pressures, thus taking into account the fractionation to take place in individual separators. Inside a standard fractionation scenario, waxes are dropped out in the first separator, heavy oils and resins inside the 2nd separator and light oils in the 3rd. Eden Labs in addition has developed some proprietary fractionation methods isolating desired compounds within unique ways. https://www.careddisupercritical.com/cbd-oil-processing.html
Pioneering Supercritical CARBON DIOXIDE IS RED-HOT Systems
Eden Labs continues to be engineering Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE- CO2) since 1995 plus Ethanol distillers since 1994. It began with our vision in promoting safer, healthier extraction methods and extracted products to get human consumption across market sectors. This vision has led multiple industry to embrace ethanol along with CO2 extraction as non-toxic solutions in concentration and removal technology.

Eden Labs provides options for your development. We provide systems for nearly every type of solvent all of which work closely with you to definitely find which process is optimal for the product line, your brand as well as your industry.

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The reason Choose Hi-Flo™?
The combination of wide-ranging extraction experience and complex mechanical technology led to the development of the Hi-Flo™ CO2 Extraction System. Our precision creation and continuous R&D offers kept the bar large throughout our industry. The Eden product the benchmark all other systems aim at.

The Hi-Flo™ FX2 provides the industry’s shortest extraction time using a wider range of work with, highest yields, energy productivity and overall cost usefulness. The Hi-Flo™ is optimized to make tunability of CO2 similar to no other system. Our custom-tailored solutions provide our customers the power to innovate and an advantage over their competition.

We invite you to run the numbers: no other system comes near to the ROI, reliability and customer service that Eden Labs gives you. This directly affects your the important point and the integrity of this brand.