What is the Atlanta Coyote Project?

The Atlanta Coyote Project consists of scientists devoted to learning more about coyotes living within the metro Atlanta area of Georgia.

Whether you are captivated, concerned, or just plain curious when it comes to coyotes, we strive to be a relevant and credible source of information and to provide strategies for avoiding human-coyote conflict.

Our Goals:

Education:  To provide the public with general information about the biology and natural history of coyotes;

Coordination:  To be a centralized location where coyote sightings, activity, and incidents across metro Atlanta and urban Georgia are reported, maintained, and mapped; and

Research:  To conduct peer-reviewed, scientific research.

Living With Coyotes

Coyotes are naturally wary of humans and will generally keep to themselves. However, if they learn to associate humans with food, problems can develop. Learn how to be proactive and peacefully coexist with coyotes by clicking on the paw icon.

Report A Sighting

You can help us to learn more about coyotes in the metro Atlanta area by being a citizen scientist and reporting coyote activity in your area.  Click on the icon at the top of the box to post your encounter on a map.

Coyote Facts

Coyotes are related to dogs and wolves and they range widely throughout North America, including all of the U.S. except Hawaii.  Coyotes typically eat small mammals, fruit, and insects.  They can help to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem by controlling rodent populations and consuming carrion.  Click on the paw icon above to learn more about the biology and natural history of these canids.

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